A lot of people, particularly Indians, struggle with saying NO. Even when they want to. Even when they need to. Steve Jobs said true innovation is about saying NO to a thousand things. This course teaches effective skills and techniques you can apply anywhere to SAY NO, elegantly.

Sridhar Turaga

Senior Vice President Digital Innovation, Data Science & Consulting, CitiusTech

I'm impressed with the look and feel of the website. Courses are well titled with a briefing in a legible box that makes it easy for users to browse through. Attended a course myself and felt it's easy to understand and implement in our life. The diagram presentation of key points and summary after the course is a big plus. Kudos to the effort!

Anitha Dorairaj

Principal, Bodhi School, Trivandrum

LearnSprint feeds into the need of our time, everything has to be fast and focused, it gives pointed “byte” size learning on the go. The platform’s design is clean and has a wide range of topics helping one to create a learning plan and track it. Content reflects the years of experience the trainer has gained and the curated reference content gives the learner flexibility to pace the process as well as own the depth. Great start with huge potential to scale

Gitan Shah

Associate Vice President, Mphasis